Wedding Platter for Scottish family

Wedding platter

wedding day keepsake

I am excited to share my project with you here: A Wedding platter for a Lady from CANADA (!!!) The platter is to be signed by guests on the Big day!

It all started from a names, date and tartan cloth which was supposed to go around. Then I thought, that having fabric around wouldn’t leave enough space for guests to sign in. So I came up with hearts and fabric underneath the surname. Susan and Rob suggested a badge and thistles and I though it is a wonderful idea, although we were a bit afraid not to overload the design. That is the finished design and it looks GRAND!!! 🙂

What is interesting, I never new that Scottish clans have their own crest each!

scottish clan crests

Scottish clan crests

A Scottish crest badge is a heraldic badge worn to show allegiance to an individual or membership in a specific Scottish clan. Crest badges are commonly worn by members of Scottish clans. These elements are heraldic property and protected by law in Scotland

Members of Scottish clans are considered, by the “Court of the Lord Lyon” , to be relatives of their clan chief. They can be either immediate family or extended family. Clan members can also be people who only bear the “clan surname” or a name associated with the clan. The Court of the Lord Lyon has also stated that anyone who professes allegiance to both the clan and its chief can be considered a clan member. All clan members may wear the chief’s crest encircled by a strap and buckle inscribed with their chief’s motto or slogan. The strap and buckle symbolizes the membership to the clan and allegiance to the clan chief.


Sadly, I don’t have a proper surname 🙂 Cool thing anyway!


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