Don’t say you are not looking for snow, it’s FUN!

Every winter here, in Scotland, I am waiting impatiently for these few days of snowing.  Being born in Russia, I am quite used to have mountains of snow for over 3-4 moths a year. No wonder 2 weeks (if we are lucky) is not enough time to enjoy it.

That why there came an idea to do something different during these days. Something that will make us to remember every snowy day longer. I started to do snow figures.

First one was igloo and snow car for my children.
They were excited, but I thought: it’s time for something more elaborate. that how my lioness appeared.

Then, snow suddenly melted away, and I was waiting till next winter.

As soon as I’d heard about first snowfall, I started to prepare my gear. Not much really: shuffle, knife and a pair of warm gloves. Ooh yes, you need them when you are sculpting hour or two! Here you go: Snow lad laying in my garden and drinking a glass of Coca Cola. Cola was too hot for her, so her hand fell off and I had to replace it with other. It didn’t help for long. She melted all the very next day.

Snow bears were ready the same  winter. And I must say some people really liked them. I even got published at Evening Express.

STV had their turn as well:

Then spring came and I decided to grow plants in my garden instead of bears.

Last winter there wasn’t much snow, it was enough to make a small Crocodile, which didn’t prevent him to escape Press and Journal  release:

Hopefully this winter will be more generous for snow!




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